Another take on the question: “What is Integral Coaching ?”

A warm welcome to you. We’re really happy you’re here. Our love is working with people, being with people in a way where they discover their goodness. An underpinning foundation of our work is that everyone is good. Everyone has goodness in their hearts and good intentions. 

Mostly we wonder around in a state of deficiency, lack, maybe thinking somewhere other than here would be better, more fulfilling, more satisfying. Maybe we look at others and think they’ve got a better deal than us. Maybe we are worried that if anyone could see inside, they certainly would not love me and appreciate me.  

In our work, we’re looking to question our identity, to work with all three centres – the head, heart and body to enquire into the mystery of what it is to be a human being.  

Our world has become one where we try to figure things out a lot, we use our minds to try and overcome the obstacles in our lives. And very often, our other centres of intelligence would be an intelligent way of addressing our issues. If you have children, you’ll know how often you’ve tried to figure out what’s going on with your child by asking questions, trying to figure out what’s wrong, and then in an instant you tune in to something different, you observe their body for a minute, sense their energy and remember when they last ate and drank and realise they just need a snack – that there is no issue with the toy or person they’re playing with – they’re simply hungry. 

Our work is a bit like this. It’s like tuning into another frequency, accessing a different part of ourselves that is less available in our habitual patterns. But this part of ourself has a different kind of intelligence, and a means of being with others that is helpful rather than perpetuating the difficulty they’re already in. 

Working in this way means being able to tolerate a continual and evolving enquiry into what it means to be a human being, what freedom truly is. And to allow these living questions like “who am I ?” and “what is my life for ?” to continue to be asked with no expectation of an obvious, satisfying or contained response. But to learn to listen for the whispers that are the answer to our questions, that may not be heard in the way we hear normally.  

As humans in our culture and in our time, we’re continually trying to reduce things down so we can feel in control, and what I’m talking about here is allowing the complexity to be here, seeing that human beings are unfathomable, as is life. And living into that, being undone and opened up by life rather than trying to shut it down to feel like we’ve got it all under control. 

We spend our time admiring those people who ‘have it all together’ and who turn up at work or the school gates looking totally put together and as if everything is fine. And in this work you get to see that mostly everyone is suffering. Even the perfectly fit, toned, successful, wealthy person – they’re suffering just like us. And life becomes about looking beneath appearances, to the heart of people and situations – and finding a way to work compassionately and wisely with the undertow of our lives, rather than dealing in the linear of the surface of what appears to the world as our self image. 

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