The blessing of suffering.

What if we could see our suffering as an opening into a new world? 
As those who want to accompany others through ‘good times and bad’ maybe it would be helpful for us to truly welcome the difficulties in life rather than commiserate or express sorry / pity?

What if our friends were met with an open and present attention when they bring their world to us? How might it be for us to be met with acceptance and curiosity rather than with shying away or judging? 

You see, it’s very possible that where there is suffering, where we are stuck, where we don’t know what to do now….because we’ve tried everything – there is light waiting patiently to come into our lives. 

In this opening we might be able to see or feel another way forward, onward, inward. In this opening, when we can see the futility of using the same techniques to get through something – and we might we try something fresh. A new way of living could be born. 

The suffering is blessed because it lets us in to one another’s lives. And in this communing, this sharing, this togetherness it’s possible to find another way. 

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