In a time when we have been deprived of the normal stimuli of everyday life, Soon is a collection which looks at the pleasures we’ve been denied in this whirlwind of a year, offering a way to escape, to relax and to both look back fondly to the past for nostalgia and memories of joy, and into the future with hope. 
The focus is on the senses in this collection.  Celebrating love and affection by incorporating and celebrating tactility.   A collection to remind us we are not alone, even if it feels that way sometimes.  Prints are included that lend themselves to being wrapped around the body, using materials that spark feelings of warmth and love.  Woollen and knitted blankets, silk scarves, squidgy cushions and tactile upholstery that make us feel at home.  I’ve produced a collection of ‘products of comfort’, for an all-encompassing experience that makes one feel peaceful and safe.  
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